Targetviewer RV-Training Facility


Mode: (FAQ)

  1. No target is shown more than once to the same user
  2. Your email address will not be disclosed nor do we aim at financial gains with providing this service
  3. Your registration data will be deleted after 6 month unless you worked at least one target
  4. You may use a fake email address, however we will never be able to contact you if interesting targets are to be worked
  5. Your password is encrypted and can not be recovered. In case of loss please sign up again with a different name
  6. The targets are sorted by a skilled viewer manually into the three categories
  7. The designation (Coordinate assignment) is done automatically
  8. No coordinate is assigned twice among the three categories
  9. You'll find a coordinate has a permalink (right-click) to pass it on via email or chat, e.g. to discuss a target
  10. If you like to work on a target for an extended time just write down the coordinates.
    These you can find after the screen with the blue writing has appeared in the list of your personal targets, as long as you **have not** clicked on the link to the image.
    You can get your feedback after renewed login at any time, no matter how long you've been working on the task, even after days and weeks
  11. All viewed targets are associated with your user name and stored in the database
  12. After all available targets have been viewed you can simply register with a new name and start over
  13. It does not matter whether you sign in on the English or German interface, both use the same DB
  14. If you find errors or have suggestions for improvement please contact the Admin
  15. Have fun!